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SOC 2 is rapidly becoming the defacto securitystandard for technology companies
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What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 certification measures a technology company’s ability to securely manage and protect the data and privacy of your clients. SOC 2 Type II certification requests are replacing vendor security questionnaires. Will you be ready?
There are two types of SOC 2: Type I and Type II
Audit Period Audit Description
SOC 2 Type I 1 day Assesses controls across security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy at a point in time
SOC 2 Type II 3-12 months Assesses operational effectiveness of controls by observing them for up to 12 months and testing them with a penetration test

Built for Scale and Flexibility

Battleship's SOC2aaS approach gives you all the SOC 2 services you need, piecemeal or as a package.
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What is SOC2aaS?

Whether you're at square one or close to the finish line, we can help. Choose turnkey or a la carte services.

Readiness Assessments

Not sure if you want to take on SOC 2 or the level of effort required? Find out what it takes with a SOC 2 readiness assessment.

Compliance Automation

Shave months off of your SOC 2 certification. Battleship resells and manages the best SOC 2 automation tools in the industry.

Auditor Recommendations

Looking for the right SOC 2 auditor for you? We've made it our mission to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Penetration Testing

SOC 2 Type II & security questionnaires require a recent penetration test. We have the best application and cloud infrastructure testers in the business.

Security Awareness Training

Don't have the time or staff to run a security awareness program to complete SOC 2? We'll roll out and run it for you.

Table Top Exercises

Demonstrate that your Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and Incident Response plans are in place and working by completing table top exercises with Battleship.

Say goodbye to vendor security questionnaires. Say hello to SOC 2. Client trust and increased revenue are around the corner.

Eliminate the knowledge gaps, guesswork, and time you've been spending on vendor security questionnaires. Let Battleship do the heavy lifting.
We're making SOC 2 easy. Battleship will partner with you at whatever stage you're at in the SOC 2 process - whether you're still debating taking the plunge or looking for a penetration testing partner as a final step to SOC 2 Type II.
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