Crowdsourced Incident Response

On-Demand Data Breach Help

Worried about being the victim of fraud, ransomware, or some other unforeseen data breach? Get on-call experts you can rely on in the event of an emergency. Pay up to 45% less per hour - guaranteed- compared to the average cost for incident response - all without paying exorbitant fees for a retainer.

Battleship's network of pre-vetted incident response experts are available individually or as a group to respond remotely or in-person whenever you need them. You can always also access Battleship's talent marketplace for free.

Did You Know?

Cyber incidents impact your bottom line. Let’s look at the data from the National Cyber Security Alliance.
Of small to medium businesses experienced a data breach in 2019
Of Those
Offline for limited time
Suffered financial loss
Filed for bankruptcy
Went out of business
It Can Happen to You
The faster you respond, the less likely your data, customer trust, reputation, and revenue will be impacted. Be prepared with an incident response plan and team on standby to help when you need them.

How It Works

Pick Your Subscription

Sign Up. We keep costs low by cutting out overhead and not requiring you to pre-pay for Expert time.

Elect Attorney/Client Privilege

You want your entire incident response process to be covered by attorney/client privilege, so you are protected in the event you have to go to court. Battleship's robust legal framework and partnerships with the best data privacy/cyber security law firms in the country protect you from every angle.

Get Peace of Mind

Battleship guarantees world-class help, whether you need one person or a large team, for any type of data breach scenario. Plus, track the response progress real-time with Battleship's collaboration tools.

The Top Brass On Call

Every Battleship Expert goes through a rigourous vetting process, and your Battleship team checks in throughout the Incident Response.
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Use Cases


You can't afford $50k or more per year for a traditional incident response retainer, and you don't have data breach insurance.

Battleship's Incident Response Subscription means that you get the services of an incident response retainer, without the cost. Now, if you have a suspected data breach, you have help at the ready with rates as low as 45% less than traditional retainer services, plus industry-leading, guaranteed response times.


You don't have an incident response retainer, but you do have data breach insurance.

Battleship's Incident Response Subscription means that you can quickly, confidently, and discreetly investigate the nature of an incident, before making a determination about calling your insurance company.


You have an incident response retainer already, and you have data breach insurance.

Battleship's Incident Response subscription can be a back-up. When you're ready to complete those downstream clean-up activities from a breach, Battleship's senior Experts can step in with rates as low as 45% less than the hourly fee of your original retainer service.

Incident Response Plan Details

Explore all features

$99 / Month
Built-in collaboration tools, so you always know what's happening
24/7 Incident Response Hotline
Initial contact (via email or phone) within 4 business hours. The first contact is with the Battleship team, who can immediately help with triaging the incident
Ability to elect a three-way agreement with a top law firm, so you have attorney/client priviledge in the event of an incident
Pre-negotiated terms and conditions that reduce response time when it matters most
Rates as low as $225/hour (Compared to industry average of $400+/hour)
Incident Response Plan, so you know what steps to take in the event of a data breach

Add-on Faster Response Time

$79 / Month
Upgrade to 1 Hour Guaranteed Response Time

Stages of Incident Response

You only start paying for Expert time if you initiate triage of an incident. You never pre-pay for hours with Battleship.


Battleship's Experts assess your situation to understand how best to initiate an incident response.


Tracking status, outstanding action items, and compiling updates as needed.


Understanding the scope of the attack, reviewing log sources, performing needed forensics.


Quarantining and severing additional actions by the attacker.


Removal of malware and other tools and artifacts left by the attackers.

Breach Communications

Battleship's experts will communicate with each other and with you throughout the process.