Break into cyber security
with Battleship’s group mentoring

Your Roadmap to Success

Finding your path into cyber security is challenging. You need seasoned professionals to illuminate the path and provide goal posts. Battleship’s group mentoring is purposely designed to give you the tools and support you need.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to break into their first cyber security role!

Blue Team or GRC

Find your path into your first Blue Team or GRC role.

Penetration Testing

Find your path into your first penetration testing role.
Already a cyber practitioner and looking for personalized mentorship? Check out Battleship’s 1-to-1 mentoring program.

Why join group mentoring?

Studies show that mentorship boosts confidence and career satisfaction, plus leads to networking opportunities and job offers.

Career Advice

Unclear about your path? Group mentoring is purposefully designed to help you find it.


Problem Solving

Stuck in your job search process? Group mentoring helps you work through obstacles in a safe space.


Unknown unknowns

Don’t know what you don’t know? Chat with leaders who have been in your shoes and can share insights.



Meet peers and industry leaders that can help propel you to your first cyber security role.

Trivia night (with giveaways!) is every Monday at 9pm ET in the Group Mentoring Discord.

Which group is right for you?

Breaking Into Cyber Security

Focused on students, new grads, or mid-career changers who are looking for their first Blue Team or Governance, Risk, and Compliance role.
Meets every Wednesday at 12pm ET for a mentor presentation on a “Topic of the Week” and every Saturday at 5pm ET to discuss a “Path of the Week.”
In addition to weekly meetings, get placed into a working group of 20 people or less led by a dedicated group mentor.

Breaking Into Penetration Testing

Focused on anyone who wants to become a penetration tester.
Meets every Saturday at 7pm ET for a presentation by Phillip Wylie on a “Topic of the Week” based on his book The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Penetration Tester.
In addition to weekly meetings, get placed into a working group of 20 people or less led by a penetration testing mentor.

Meet Our Group Mentors

Network and learn from global cyber security leaders. Here is a sample of our amazing group mentor community.
Phillip Wylie

Offensive Security Instructor at INE

Jasmine Henry

Cybersecurity Director at

Marc Samson

Chief Information Security Officer at ENGIE

Brian Monroe

Digital Security Architect at BPX Energy

How It Works


Choose a Group

Decide if you’d like to join Breaking Into Cyber Security (Blue Team/GRC) or Breaking Into Penetration Testing.



Subscribe to your chosen program via LaunchPass. You can cancel any time.


Join the Discord Server

You will receive an activation code and link to access Battleship’s Group Mentoring Discord server.


Get Placed Into a Working Group

You will be assigned to a working group of 20 people or less with a dedicated group mentor.


Join Our Weekly Meetings

Breaking Into Cyber Security will have two weekly meetings and Breaking Into Penetration Testing will have one; you choose how you participate.


Crush Your Goals

Gain clarity and a supportive community with Battleship. Get direct access to industry leaders, peer feedback, and find your path into cyber security.