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Who Becomes a Battleship Expert?

Our Experts include individuals and consulting firms. Does this sound like you? Apply now!

Demonstrated cyber security expertise

Based in the United States

Looking for a new income stream

Love working with great clients

Want flexibility to work full or part-time, remote or in-person

Enjoy delivery, not sales or tracking down payments

Overcome Your #1 Challenge

Cyber security contractors and consulting firms want to focus on delivery, not sales.

When Battleship was born, we wanted to provide a mechanism to get you hired in days, not weeks or months. read more

We realized that the best way to help cyber security professionals and independent contractors thrive would be to build the platform that seamlessly connects organizations to verified Experts, on-demand.

If you join Battleship, you work alongside top cyber security professionals. Every Battleship applicant goes through our vetting process, verifying certifications, technical skills and communication abilities.

We also verify each Scopedrive client, ensuring they’re a fit for you, too.

If you’re ready to get access to qualified clients and overcome the #1 challenge of cyber security professionals, apply now. 

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